Open-Access Training vs In-House Training – What's Best for Your Organisation?

Thinking about organising professional training for your organisation or team and wondering what the best option is for you?

We have put together a quick list of advantages for both, open-access training and in-house training to help you decide the most suitable.

In-House Training Benefits

  • Training dates, times and locations can be agreed between the team, the trainer and ourselves, and wherever possible be scheduled for a date and venue that fits with the time frames and location of the team
  • Because in-house training is dedicated to a particular organisation or team, it can be tailored specifically to your needs
  • Delegates can share specific problems relating to the topic of the course, without concern for sensitive information or organisational reputation. This allows the trainer to contribute his or her expertise to help direct the learning to overcoming these real problems
  • Having the whole team together at the same training can help get everyone on the same page with a consistent language and an agreed approach
  • In-house training can be cost effective for a group of eight or more

Open-Access (or Public) Training Benefits

  • Cost effective where an individual or small number of professionals within a team need to learn a skill or professional topic
  • Open-access training is consistent from one instance of the course to the next, you can assume that all people who have been on the course have learned the same content
  • The training happens in a dedicated training room away from the delegates organisation, reducing the chances of workplace distraction
  • Delegates often come from a variety of organisations, therefore there are good opportunities to network and learn from others with different experiences

What's popular for our in-house training team?

Over the last six months we have had over 100 in-house training courses commissioned. Let me tell you more about the last six months…

Similarly to our open courses, Effective Data Visualisation has been a hot favourite with our In-House Clients. Led by expert in the field, Alan Rutter, this course has been particularly popular with Central Government and Public Bodies. This highly interactive and bespoke course can be delivered to your organisation at a location of your choice. Mixed with theory and practical based workshops, on this effective date visualisation course your employees will learn:

  • The key principles of data visualisation and how to apply them to your own work
  • Develop the skills required to identify the story in the data and tell it with maximum impact
  • Gain an understanding of the elements that make an infographic, chart or diagram work effectively
  • Discover free online tools and resources that will add visual impact to your data visualisations
  • Learn design tips and tricks that can quickly improve your data presentations
  • Develop a toolkit of techniques that you can share with colleagues

Understanding ModernGov has seen an increased demand for training in-house , especially with the Housing Sector for our Effective Performance Management and Analysis course. Performance Management is an essential part to any company’s success, we have procured several bespoke courses to ensure the follow objectives are obtained for their organisation:

  • Enhance how you measure performance
  • Increase your organisation’s performance through the effective use of data
  • Effectuate change, by utilising tools, such as the scorecard and success mapping
  • Improve how you make intelligent business decisions, through the efficient collection of data
  • Gain best practice from organisations who have improved their performance

Along with our one-day courses, we can also provide examinations such as Better Business Cases ™ or Agile Project Management Foundation Level ™. The advantage to having an examination In-House is the cost per delegate will be significantly reduced; as you can have up to 25 attend. Steve Browne our Project Management Consultant and AgilePM Accredited Trainer will base this training on the “Five Case Model” for effective business decisions through a mixture of theory and preparation for the exam, by the end of the two and half day training you will:

  • Establish clear needs for intervention
  • Set clear objectives in terms of return on investment
  • Consider a wide range of potential solutions ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risks
  • Set out arrangements to ensure successful delivery of the proposal
  • Be prepared for the Foundation Exam

With over 10 years’ experience, UMG has developed a renowned reputation for ensuring high quality and satisfaction, you can have peace of mind that your course will meet the exact needs of your organisation.

Bringing your team together for a group training in-house event is a great team building exercise, and we work closely with you to develop a bespoke training agenda that is completely tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Want to find out more? Contact our In-House training team on or call 0800 542 9414 for an informal discussion about your training needs.