Essential Skills for Public Sector Professionals in 2021

As the world suffers from severe employment crisis, one that has been worsened by the global pandemicit's more important than ever for public sector professionals, who want to remain in the game, to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills. 

Which skills do you master, which do you need to work on? Do you want to gain a new set of skills tooWe have worked closely with many public sector professionals and leaders to put together a varied selection of new and popular virtual courses that will be running in the new year. 


Return on Investment Analysis - Monday 18th January 

Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace - Tuesday 19th January 

Developing High-Performing Teams - Wednesday 20th January 

Influencing and Negotiating Upwards - Wednesday 20th January 

A Guide to Successful Contract Management - Wednesday 20th January 

Advanced Minute Taking - Tuesday 21st January 

Excelling at the Role of Caldicott Guardian - Thursday 21st January 

Excel at Rome Working Health and Safety - Thursday 21st January 

Excelling in the Role of a Data Protection Officer - Tuesday 26th January 

Producing a Good Business Case - Tuesday 26th January 

Utilising Data to Make Better Decisions - Wednesday 27th January 

Effective Strategic Planning - Wednesday 27th January 

Quick Responses to Complex Situations - Wednesday 27th January 

Effective Briefings and Submissions - Thursday 28th January 


Leadership Skills for Emerging Managers - Wednesday 3rd January 

Mastering Digital Communications - Thursday 4th February 

Effective Business Process Mapping - Thursday 4th February 

Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace - Wednesday 10th February 

Effective Strategic Thinking - Wednesday 10th February 

Presenting with Impact - Wednesday 10th February 

Effective Data Visualisation - Thursday 11th February 

Ensuring Effective Policy Implementation - Thursday 11th February 

Data Driven Performance Management - Tuesday 23rd February 

Developing Agile Teams - Tuesday 23rd February 

Remotely Supporting Vulnerable Service Users - Tuesday 23rd February 

Creating Data Protection Impact Assessments - Wednesday 24th February 

Effective Responses to Complaints in the Public Sector - Wednesday 24th February 

Confident Communication and Assertiveness - Wednesday 24th February 

Effective Briefings and Submissions - Thursday 25th February 

Remotely Managing Your Teams Mental Health  - Thursday 25th February

These are the courses that are selling like hotcakes: 

Influencing and Negotiating Upwards  

Advanced Minute Taking  

Effective Briefings and Submissions 

Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace 

Employers have found that work from home isn’t half as bad after all. On the contrary, remote work has had a positive effect on productivity and reduced recurring expenses both for employers and employees. Therefore, many companies are sticking to remote work or more flexible work weeks. This new workplace reality changes once again the employee training and development landscape. Employee soft skills remain relevant, as always but understandably the focus shifts to workforce skills that facilitate remote working and build resilience. 

For more information about our offered courses, view the full list here