The Importance of Staff Engagement in the Public Sector: Part 1

Employee engagement is crucial to the success of any organisation and by identifying the right approach, you can strengthen performance among staff, reduce absence and deliver better services.

Understanding ModernGov had the chance to ask diversity expert, Judy Greevy on the importance of staff engagement and how it can be implemented.

Judy Greevy:

The public sector delivers a vast range of services for the UK population and has to do so regardless of the political and economic climate. To meet these expectations we need a more productive workforce and the key to delivering this is by higher levels of staff engagement.

With recent studies showing that the public sector has the poorest engagement levels, developing effective strategies are now more vital than ever.

Portsmouth NHS Hospital Trust: A Case Study

Portsmouth NHS Hospital Trust provide a range of acute services, employing over 7000 staff and operating the busiest maternity department in the South-East.

Despite being the recent winners of the 2015 Personnel Today Awards, their past National Staff Survey results were disappointing. In 2012, staff engagement was in the lowest 20%, with just 36% of staff feeling that the organisation valued their work. Worse still, only 44% recommended the trust as a place to work, while just 57% recommended it as a place to have treatment.

          infographics-umg-staff-engagement-graphics-1     infographics-umg-staff-engagement-graphics-2

It was clear that a radical approach to engaging staff was needed and The Trust took a number of steps to address the situation:

  • They implemented an honest and open culture
  • Created a clear framework of changes needed
  • Empowered staff to identify solutions for better ways of working
  • Set up a core sponsor group made up of staff

But how much did these changes affect employee engagement? To see the results and for a more detailed look at the above steps, be sure to catch part two of this blog post.

It is important for organisations to look after their most valuable asset: their staff. Employees want to work for a company that values and recognises their work click here to view all our courses and help them develop their skills further or speak to a member of the team 0800 542 9440.