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Coaching vs Mentoring - Know the Difference

We often hear the words 'Coaching' and 'Mentoring' in the same sentence when talking about organisational and personal growth.

Even though they are both extremely vital for our professional development, it is important to understand the differences between the two. 

Three employees learning about the difference between coaching and mentoring

What is the Difference?

Their main variation is based on the qualifications and relationships coaches and mentors establish with their peers. But let's dive into each of them to really understand the difference:

A Business Mentor will:

  • Help mentees explore their career choices
  • Set new growth goals
  • Inspire and build confidence
  • Share their professional expertise and knowledge 

A Business Coach will:

  • Identifies objectives and builds the right strategy to achieve them
  • Focuses on individual performance in an organisational context 

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Why do you Need Coaching and Mentoring?

As a manager, coaching and mentoring can develop more efficient teams while spotting top talent. And as an employee, it's important to remember that not everyone who is perceived as a high flyer has got to the top with no extra support. Most of the top job levels and influential figures have one-to-one coaching, mentors, counsellors or someone to lean on for that extra knowledge and support.

Here's some ways coaching and mentoring can boost things in the workplace:

  • Helps employees learn skills faster
  • Boosts confidence in the workplace
  • Builds trust with the senior management
  • Increases job satisfaction

COACHING VS MENTORING what's the difference

Want to Find out More?

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