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Why Advanced Minute Taking Training Remains Popular in 2024

Meetings are a crucial part of any project. They provide the perfect opportunity for team members to make important decisions, share new ideas, delegate tasks, and collaborate.

But what happens to all the valuable information discussed once the meeting is over?

This is where the role of the minute taker comes in.

The minute taker will document all the important meeting details and highlight relevant action points for moving forward. It's not just about jotting down notes. Minute taking is a skill that requires plenty of practice, perseverance and knowledge. That's why our training is as popular as ever...

Advanced Minute Taking Training Course

Our Advanced Minute Taking course has attracted many public sector professionals looking to advance their skillset. It continues to be one of our most popular courses in 2024.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about this course...


What is Minute Taking?

Minute Taking is the process of capturing and noting the important details of a meeting. It involves documenting the discussions, decisions, and action items that emerge during the meeting. These notes are important for:

  • Recording the key takeaways and objectives
  • Creating a summary for those who were absent
  • Legal documents in case of formal meetings
  • Reference document for future meetings
  • Accountability – specifies who is responsible for what task

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When it comes to how you structure your minute taking notes, your organisation might have their own unique method, or you might be left to your own devices. However, the typical structure will always include:

  • The date and time of the meeting

  • Location of the meeting

  • A list of attendees present and those who were absent

  • A summary of the topics discussed

  • Outcomes, action items and next steps

  • Date and time of any upcoming meetings

How to Effectively Write Up Meeting Minutes

Your organisation might already have an established template as a guide for writing meeting minutes. Either way, having a good template and structure can massively help organise not only your physical notes but also your mind.

Download our free minute taking template below to help organise your meeting notes 👇

Minute Taking Template

A Quick Introduction to Our Advanced Minute Taking Training

Our Advanced Minute Taking course has upskilled hundreds of public sector delegates over the past few years. It still remains one of our most popular courses in 2024.

This training course will enable minute takers to advance their skillset. Attendees will learn how to keep up in busy meetings, turn notes into concise minutes and cascade the relevant action points to the right people.

Introducing Our Expert Trainer, Sue Calthorpe

Media & Communications Specialist Sue Calthorpe leads this course.

Over the past 30 years, Sue has worked closely with many notable organisations on various writing forms, including minutes, emails, report writing, briefing and submissions, just to mention a few.

Sue's notable clients include: Legal & General, HSBC, BRIT, the Law Society, the Civil Aviation Authority, Express Medicals Ltd and many more.

Do you want to learn more about Sue? See our blog: Introducing Our Top Writing Expert: Here’s the Proof

Who is Our Advanced Minute Taking Course For?

This course is perfect for anyone who is responsible for taking meeting minutes within their job role and is looking to advance their skillset.

Some job titles that have previously attended this course, just to name a few, include:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Senior Administrator / Administrative role
  • Executive Assistant
  • Senior Secretary
  • Office Assistant

How is This Course Delivered?

We deliver this course both face-to-face and virtually.

We run multiple open course dates per year, these are open to all public sector professionals.

For organisations seeking a more personalised approach, we also provide a tailored option to run this course exclusively for your team, whether virtually or in-person at your premises or an external venue.

To make an enquiry with our in-house team, please click the banner below:

In-house training course

The Top 5 Key Takeaways From Advanced Minute Taking Training

1. Active Listening

To be an effective minute taker, you must have good listening skills.

Active listening requires a high level of concentration to accurately document the proceedings.

Workshop: On this course you will practice writing minutes in pairs (while maintaining eye contact) to test your accuracy and skill. Sue will then give you valuable feedback and advice. You will also be able to:

  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Improve your focus in a busy meeting
  • Pick out key pieces of information from a conversation

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Advanced Minute Taking Training

2.    Overcome the Common Pitfalls

Identifying the common mistakes minute takers can make is the first step to avoiding them.

On this course, you will focus on what can go wrong in a meeting and what you can do to guard against common barriers to minute taking

3.    Writing Concise Minutes

Aim to only record the most relevant information or important ideas covered within the meeting. You’re not creating a transcript, so your notes do not have to cover the entirety of the meeting. Being able to dissect through irrelevant information and capture the essence of the meeting is the key to effective minute taking.

On this course, you will explore different note-taking methods to suit your style, and you will be able to practise these during a practical exercise in taking notes from a filmed meeting.

Advanced Minute Taking Training

4.    Turn Minutes into Actionable Points

Taking concise and well-written minutes is one half but turning them into actionable points is the other half.

Your notes might sense to you, but do they make sense to everyone else?

The ability to clearly structure and convey meeting minutes while highlighting the important action points is critical. Action points should be easy to identify so you can cascade the right information to the right people.

5.    Mind Mapping

We understand that everyone works differently, so this course isn't a one size fits all.

You will be given the freedom to explore different methods of capturing information to discover what technique works best for you.

Mind mapping can be useful for those who are visual learners as it helps to retain and recall information using visual cues, words and images. It can help organise your thoughts in a visual way, and clearly split up topics of discussion. It can also provide a more fresh and engaging approach to notetaking.

Advanced Minute Taking Training

Are You Interested In Attending Our Expert Led Training?

We offer our Advanced Minute Taking training course in two ways; bespoke and tailored for your team or an open course for individuals from across the public sector.

See our available open course training dates on our agenda page here.

If you are interested in arranging a bespoke tailored session for your organisation, please make an enquiry with our in-house team here.

Advanced Minute Taking Online Training Course