Data in the Public Sector – Visualising & Telling a Story


It’s the buzzword of the decade.

In today’s public sector for any decision made, policy written, or service developed - it is almost certain that data has played a role in reaching that stage.

However, what is becoming increasingly clear, is that the more the public sector looks to utilise its vast amount of data – the more complex its analysis, communication and decision making will become.

With this increase in data usage and collection, comes an increase in investment of time and expertise. Everyone across the public sector is now looking at their data analysis and how they communicate it, and they are asking themselves:

  • Are we up to scratch?
  • Do we understand what the data is telling us?
  • How do we communicate this – both to the public and our colleagues?
  • Is our communication clear?
  • How do we use the data to make better decisions?

Typically, graphs and other kinds of visualisations were seen as surplus to the actual core data, however, with the growth of technology and data collection, it is now essential to have a grasp of creating data visualisations to streamline and simplify what the data is showing the viewer.

Creating data visualisations that are clearly understood not only saves time for the viewer, it can improve an unbelievable amount of processes, from marketing and design, through to policy development, management and workforce productivity.

Decisions can now be made based on the quality and effectiveness of data visualisations and in the current environment, where both time and budgets are restricted, the use of data visualisations are becoming a necessity instead of simply a ‘nice-to-have’.

UMG have launched a number of dates for our highly popular Effective Data Visualisation Skills course in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, which is led by our experienced Journalist and Digital Consultant; Alan Rutter. If you are interested in attending this training you can speak with a member of our dedicated team 0800 542 9440.

With so many free and paid for digital tools available on the market, it is now essential for public sector professionals to identify what works best for them and their data, to ensure that they can create impressive data visualisations and employ techniques needed to turn raw data into interactive resources, online dashboards and other dynamic presentations.

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