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How Much Time do we Spend at Work?

The journey of a humans life is a funny thing. 

While everyone is following a different path, there's lots of things that most of us spend a large majority of our time on.

Would you believe that the average human spends just under 80 years on earth? Of those years, a mind blowing 26 years will be spent sleeping... but what's more surprising is that an additional 7 years will be spent trying to get to sleep!

Another massive part of our lives is work. But, do you really know how much time you spend at work? Over the course of a lifetime, probably a lot more than you think.

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Let's get straight to it...

How Much Time do we Really Spend at Work?

The average UK employee will spend roughly 3,515 days working in their lifetime - this may not account for the time spent working overtime. In terms of time spent, the average is 35 hours per week which adds up to 1,795 hours per year and over 84,365 hours in a lifetime. 

Although this is an average, these numbers depend on your job role and industry that you work in. For example, Accountants in practice work roughly 40-43 hours per week. These numbers also don't account for commuting. Although working from home or hybrid is the new norm, the average commute time for a UK employee is 28-30 minutes. 

Other Interesting Facts About the Average Employee

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