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From Gaps to Growth: 28 Questions to Identify Employee Training Needs

Identifying your employees' training needs can take some investigating. 

But, this doesn't have to be complicated. 

The key to uncovering these needs lies in asking the right questions to your employees, and we've got 28 for you to use. 

This blog post provides you with a comprehensive set of 28 probing questions to effectively identify your employees' training needs, ensuring that your learning and development initiatives align with the evolving needs of your organisation and the workforce.

Group of people learning how to identify employee training needs

How to Identify Employee Training Needs: 28 Questions for Employees

Whether you're conducting a training needs analysis or producing a survey to identify employee training needs, here are 28 questions you can include: 

  1. Have you identified any areas where you consistently struggle or lack proficiency in your current role?

  2. What training or development opportunities would you like to pursue to enhance your skills and knowledge?

  3. What are your career aspirations, and what training would help you achieve your goals?

  4. What new technologies, tools, or software do you need to learn to effectively perform your duties?

  5. What industry certifications or standards would you like to obtain to demonstrate your expertise?

  6. What training would enhance your communication and customer service skills?

  7. What opportunities would you like to participate in to expand your knowledge of the company's products, services, or processes?

  8. What areas in your current role would you like to improve upon?

  9. What training or development initiatives would motivate you and make you feel more engaged in your work?

  10. What feedback or suggestions would you have for improving the training programs offered by the company?

  11. Are there any language or cultural competency skills you would like to develop to enhance your cross-cultural communication?

  12. What training or resources would you like to have available to help you stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations?

  13. What opportunities would you like to participate in network with colleagues and share knowledge within the organisation?

  14. What training or development programs would you recommend for new hires to ensure they have a smooth onboarding experience?

  15. How can we foster a continuous learning culture within the organisation that encourages everyone to take ownership of their professional development?

  16. What training would enhance your leadership skills, such as communication, motivation, and team management?

  17. What training would equip you to handle workplace diversity and inclusion issues effectively? 

  18. What training would develop your problem-solving and decision-making skills?

  19. What training would enhance your creativity and innovation abilities?

  20. What training would help you manage your time effectively and prioritize tasks?

  21. What training would support your efforts to work collaboratively with colleagues and foster a positive team environment?

  22. What training would enhance your ability to use technology to improve your productivity and efficiency?

  23. What training would prepare you for potential career transitions or changes within the organisation?

  24. What training would help you develop a strong personal brand and market yourself effectively?

  25. What training would enhance your ability to network with external stakeholders and build relationships?

  26. What training would help you develop resilience and adaptability in the face of change and challenges?

  27. What training would support your efforts to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field and keep your knowledge current?

  28. What training would help you develop a lifelong learning mindset and embrace continuous professional development?

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