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How Avon Fire and Rescue Service Improved Their Interview Techniques Through Bespoke Training

When Avon Fire and Rescue Service needed Interview Techniques training, they reached out to our expert in-house team for bespoke training. 

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Avon Fire and Rescue Service (AF&RS) is the fire and rescue service that provide emergency and protection services to the communities of Bath and Northeast Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.

Aligned with the role of a modern fire and rescue service, AF&RS look to implement their mission of 'preventing, protecting and responding', which plays a critical role in making these communities a safer place to live, work and visit.

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The Challenge

19 members of the Avon and Fire Rescue Service team wanted to develop their techniques and strategies for conducting more effective interviews.

Their main objectives were to effectively communicate their values and goals with candidates during the recruitment process, to ask the right questions that provide valuable insights on candidates, and to understand the importance of a comprehensive onboarding and integration process.

Many members wanted to work on their presentation, delivery and feedback skills while conducting interviews, as well as improving their active listening skills for more effective communication. 

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The Solution

Avon Fire and Rescue Service worked closely with our in-house team to tailor our Interview Techniques training course to suit their needs and objectives.

The full-day face-to-face course, which ran from 09:30-16:30, was held at Avon Fire and Rescue fire station in Bath, Somerset. This course was designed to prepare the team with the skills, knowledge and techniques to conduct effective interviews. 

The training session was expertly led by Marie Thake, a seasoned People Development Consultant with over 15 years of experience in coaching senior professionals on enhancing their workplace skills.

The session was focused on developing new strategies for targeting the right candidates, as well as how to conduct effective interviews that assess competency and fit.


As a result of our Interview Techniques training, delegates from Avon Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Marie was an excellent facilitator, very personable and approachable. She has helped us immensely to improve on the standard and consistency of our interview process” - OD Manager

“A very good reflection upon my interview skills and techniques and clarification around how I approach interviewing” – Station Manager

“A well delivered & presented course with relevant input & content” – STN Manager

Delegates also shared with us which parts of the training they found the most applicable to their role. This included:
  • “This will improve my presentation, delivery and feedback. It will also help me check myself prior to conducting an interview” – HR Advisor
  • "As a HRBP, I interview often and also can use other tips (eg feedback, active listening) in other parts of my role." - HRBP

Key Statistics

  • 95% of delegates felt highly or somewhat more proficient after completing this course
  • They ‘strongly agreed’ that the course met their learning objectives
  • 84.2% of delegates rated the quality of teaching as ‘Excellent’

In-house training for bespoke interview techniques
Next Steps

By running this course, the Avon Fire and Rescue Service team were able to gain a range of techniques to enhance their interviewing skills to improve their recruitment process.

Following the success of this tailored session, Avon Fire and Rescue Service scheduled a follow-up in-house course to further enhance their interviewing skills just a month later.

Looking to Improve Your Interview Techniques?

If you're looking to boost your team's interviewing abilities, just like Avon Fire and Rescue Service, or if there's another area you're keen to enhance, contact our in-house team today to organise tailor-made training just for you. 

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