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How to Spot Hidden Talent in Your Organisation

Great leaders not only need to manage effectively but they also need to develop another skill, one that is often overlooked.

Talent management. 

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Hiring top talent is key for organisational growth, but have you ever thought about all the hidden talents your employees might have? Think about how much more effective, innovative and strong your organisation could be with a substantial addition of talent?  

It can be tricky discovering your employees hidden talents as people spend years concentrating on one specific skill or occupation. However, we've outlined 4 easy ways to spot hidden talent in your own organisation just for you. 

  1. Be open to crazy ideas
  2. Get to know your people better
  3. Let your employees take on new challenges
  4. Try to work side by side with your team

1. Be open to crazy ideas 

Basic communication is needed to discuss and share thoughts, ideas and opinions, but open communication can lead to strong employee engagement and team collaboration.  When team members feel safe to share their ideas, even the craziest onesleaders should listen and let them exercise their skills.  

2. Get to know your people better 

Knowing more about your team members will give you helpful tools to build the culture that is so important to your organisation’s success. You can list together your team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as encourage them to take personality tests. It will unlock the human potential and help you find not just the best employee for each role, but also the best role for each employee. 

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3. Let your employees take on new challenges 

Employees can sometimes get too comfortable repeating the same tasks and exercising the same skills over and over again which stops the individual, the team and the organisation from growing. In this case, leaders should challenge their team members by delegating unfamiliar tasks, provided they are confident enough to perform  

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4. Try to work side by side with your team 

Did you know that you can optimise the potential of your team members through team collaborationEmployees often learn from each other, and skills tend to be awakened after being exposed to scenarios that call for them. As a leader, you should create a platform where individuals contribute, whether it’s by suggesting ideas or executing tasks with efficiency.

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