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5 Ways to Become a More Confident Public Speaker

Are you someone who speaks before thinking? Who often ends up dealing with the consequences of rushed speech? Whose heart skips a beat when it’s your turn to speak to a crowd?

We know the feeling. 

The art of speaking with impact is one of the most aspired skills in the world, but many people still fail to understand the actual importance of it.

Person stood presenting 5 ways to become a more confident public speaker

Benefits of Being a Confident Public Speaker

Whether you want to gain more public speaking for your professional or personal life, there's benefits either way - here's 4 reasons why it's useful....

  1. Improves your overall communication skills - Once you learn what people like to hear and what works when talking to an audience, your every day communication skills are bound to improve as your experience grows.
  2. Become a stronger listener - With greater public speaking skills, you will learn the importance of understanding your listener, not just to hear. 
  3. Improves your critical thinking - Not only are you learning how to think on your feet, but you're also learning how to think deeper about what you are saying and what you want your audience to takeaway. 
  4. Makes room for career advancement - We know public speaking isn't for everyone, but it is true that by learning how to improve, your career prospects will too. 

How to Become a More Confident Public Speaker

Not everyone is born a natural public speaker, but it is possible to learn how to become one. Here's 5 ways you can become a more confident public speaker...

  1. Use a more powerful and assertive voice
  2. Pay attention to body language
  3. Smile!
  4. Slow down
  5. Practice

1. Use a more powerful and assertive voice

Use a more powerful and assertive voice. This will give you more credibility and authority. Try to avoid finishing sentences with questions and don’t let your voice creep upwards at the end of a sentence. If you have anxiety from speaking in meetings or presentations, here's 8 tips to overcome it.

Or, if you want to find out how assertive you really are, get an answer in one minute with your quick-fire assertiveness quiz

2. Pay attention to body language

Sure, what you say matters, but how you say it is very important. You can be talking about the most interesting topic in the world, but if you don’t address it or express the right way you can easily lose your listener's attention. Stand up straight and use your hands, this will first, allow you to breathe deeply using your abdomen, which will help you develop a more powerful voice. Secondly, will help you communicate your excitement and knowledge.

Body Language types to use as a confident public speaker

3. Smile!

A smile goes a long way. Have you noticed that when someone smiles at you, instinctively, you smile back? It is contagious. Try to smile as much as you can when you are speaking and you will transmit a positive vibe.

4. Slow Down

You don’t need to rush your speech, or try to fit all the words in one sentence. Take your time, make appropriate pauses in your speech. By doing this you will feel less nervous and more in control of the conversation. Also, take time to think about what you are going to say and how you will say it. Learn how to keep calm during a presentation. 

5. Practise

If you are doing a presentation at work, have a think of what you want to say and prepare beforehand. You will feel more relaxed and have a better idea of how it will go.

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