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Essential Tips for Successful Boardroom Pitches

Whether you are looking to secure funds for a new project or presenting a new idea to senior management, holding your audience’s attention is undoubtedly one of the most essential working skills for the public sector. 

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So, what are the ingredients of an engaging, unforgettable and powerful pitch? Here's 4 essential tips for successful boardroom pitches...

1. Know your organisation

Even if you're an experienced public speaker, presenting in a boardroom full of senior staff or leaders can be daunting. To take the pressure off, aim to have as much information about your sector as possible. The audience is expecting to hear your knowledge of numbers, competitors and target audience. Learn more about communicating with confidence.

2. Anticipate questions and answer them ahead of time 

Prepare and answer all important and relevant questions in advance. Not only will your audience will be highly impressed, but giving them as much information as they need will help them reach a decision quicker.

3. Get to the point fast 

Everyone knows that the human attention span is getting shorter and shorter (thanks to technology!). Don’t waste precious time with irrelevant information that can potentially bore your audience. If you get to the point fast, you have more chances of capturing your listener’s attention.

4. Practice makes perfect 

Practice your key points in front of a mirror or to friends/family. It will boost your confidence and help you nail that pitch. Discover how you can develop executive presence and lead with confidence

Take Your Verbal Communication Skills to the Next Level 

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