Which of Our Training Courses Are Face-to-Face Right Now?

During the second half of 2021, we resumed our face-to-face training again.

As consumer confidence takes steps to regrow into 2022, we know that the public sector is looking to move forward.

So, we're here to tell you which of our courses are face-to-face in 2022.

Read on to find out…

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What Are the Benefits of Face-to-Face Training Courses?

Virtual courses will always be an important part of our future, but as face-to-face courses reopen, you should know about all the benefits they offer…

  1. Hands-on experience

One of the main benefits of our face-to-face courses is the rich hands-on learning experience. Whether you’re taking part in a group exercise, workshop or tutor-led discussion, having hands-on experience means you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the course topic and you’re more likely to remember what you’ve learnt if it’s through physical activity.

  1. Greater communication and collaboration opportunities

Information isn’t just understood through speaking and listening, it’s also understood through body language cues and visual expressions. Through face-to-face learning, you’ll understand your trainer and their aims for the course in more detail. In most of our courses, you’ll also receive individual feedback from the trainer to help you improve in the future. Here, you can work alongside other delegates to uncover what you can do to improve and start making changes right away.

  1. Connect with other delegates

Other delegates on your course will likely have different job titles and responsibilities in the public sector. This means you can gain a deeper understanding of your industry, the businesses within it and potentially meet delegates you can make a lasting connection with. You never know, they might be an expert in their field, so go in with open ears and get to know everyone.

  1. Less distractions = more engagement

It’s easy to become distracted at home with notifications buzzing, dogs barking or children running around. You can forget all of that during our face-to-face courses and simply focus on the day and your learning. Our face-to-face courses are jam-packed with interactive workshops and delegate discussions, so you won’t have time to think about your home to-do list or distractions.

Here’s our face-to-face training courses that will take place in the last few months of 2022…


Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace (25th May, or 6th or 13th July, or 22nd September 2022)

Everyone wants to communicate with confidence and creditability, so here's your chance to take the first step. The aim of our course is not to tell you to correct your communication “weaknesses,” it’s to help you make changes to subconscious communication behaviours that can undermine your confidence and knowledge at work. Through role-play scenarios led by Vocal Communications Expert, Anne Walsh, you'll learn the best communication style for you. 

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Confident Communication and Assertiveness (7th June 2022)

Want to gain respect from your colleagues, demonstrate healthy confidence and stand up for your ideas without coming across defensive? This course is for you. Learn best practice ways to become more decisive, communicate more effectively to yield results and put your confidence and assertiveness to the test while gaining professional feedback and advice.

Before you view the agenda, why not find out how assertive you really are with our 1-minute quiz? You'll even get a full breakdown of results and how to take the next step forward.

View the full agenda here

Influencing and Negotiating Upwards (9th June 2022)

Have your voice heard by senior leaders and take the time to understand the theory and techniques behind successful influencing and negotiating upwards. You'll receive expert feedback from collaborative sessions with former Ambassador and UK Diplomat, Charles Crawford, practicing different scenarios and how your organisation can get better results.

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Strategic Change Management (13th June 2022)

Leaders are at the heart of managing change in any organisation. We know this can be a daunting task to hold, but we've got everything you need in this course to succeed. You can learn how to adapt change models to a variety of situation, build a change ready team and how best to communicate with stakeholders at all levels. 

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Presenting with Impact (14th-15th June 2022)

If you find presenting a scary task, or you just want to know the tips and tricks to make a lasting impact on your audience, this is the course for you. We'll teach you how to give a compelling presentation, with a focus on structure, handling different audiences and speech segmentation. You'll also get some expert feedback on your presentation skills from a professional. 

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Effective Strategic Thinking (16th June or 29th September 2022)

A great organisational strategy relies on high quality decisions - which rely on strategic thinking. To make sure your organisational strategy is as strong as it could be, take part in this collaborative course to to understand how to conduct a strategic analysis, evaluate your performance, address your weaknesses in an open environment and learn how to implement your strategy effectively.

Ready to improve your strategic thinking? Secure your spot on this course here.

Advanced Minute Taking (22nd June or 8th or 15th September 2022)

Minute taking isn't just writing notes that you can't read or understand after the meeting has finished. It's a useful skill to master so you can take concise notes, develop accurate action points and maximise your listening and writing skills. You'll receive personalised feedback from Communications Expert, Sue Calthorpe, so you can overcome the common pitfalls around writing minutes and takeaway key action points to help you succeed. 

Read the full agenda here

Effective Briefings and Submissions (23rd June 2022)

Learn how to write succinct briefings and submissions that have the ability to influence key decision-makers and stakeholders. We know distilling complex information into a short and concise document can be tricky, so this course is the best way to gain the confidence, tools and effective planning structures to produce a compelling summaries. 

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Effective Written Responses to Complaints in the Public Sector (28th June 2022)

Whether you receive complaints everyday or just once a week, it's important to know how to respond effectively. We've already trained hundreds of other public sector professionals to improve their written responses to complaints, now it's your turn. You'll learn how to write more empathetic responses, gain best practices from real-life examples and how to summaries complex or sensitive information. 

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Speaking with Impact (5th July or 8th September 2022)

Want to leave a lasting impression when you speak? Do you want to make sure people remember you and your ideas - even in a remote or hybrid environment? This one-day course will teach you everything you need to know about maximising your verbal communication - including how to avoid common public speaking pitfalls and how to retain an audience's attention.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Learn more here.

Storytelling to Influence: Speaking and Presenting (6th July 2022)

Everyone wants to make powerful impressions in meetings and presentations, but now you can actually do it (for real). The best way to make an powerful impression is through a story. You'll learn exactly how to convey essential pieces of information in a humanistic and memorable way to influence key decision makers or build stronger relationships.

Read the full agenda here.

Leadership Skills for Emerging Managers (14th July or 28th September 2022)

Have you recently been promoted to a managerial position? Or are you taking the next step forward into your career as you aim for a promotion? This Leadership Skills for Emerging Managers course is designed for those with little experience of managing others and will teach you the key skills you need to take on this new challenge successfully.

Sound good? Read the Leadership Skills for Emerging Managers course agenda here.


A Guide to Successful Contract Management (13th September 2022)

Having effective contract management has many benefits - from boosting savings, cost-effectiveness or operational performance. Our Guide to Successful Contract Management course is a great way to recognise what makes up successful contract management, how to monitor performance, manage strategic relationships and how to build an action plan to get started.

Read more about our Guide to Successful Contract Management course here.

Handling Aggressive Verbal Complaints (13th September 2022)

Have you ever needed to mitigate someone's aggressive behaviour? Our course will help you gain the confidence you need to handle aggressive verbal complaints through interactive role play that simulates real-life situations. The key takeaways from this course are to learn how to respond calmly, staying poised and keeping your emotions under control.

Read the full agenda for Handling Aggressive Verbal Complaints..

Effective Data Visualisation (22nd September 2022) 

Want to learn the best tools and techniques to make an impact with your data? This course will help you turn any data into captivating infographics, easy-to-read messages and visually pleasing charts that will help you explain your data and the bigger picture behind it. 

Want to learn more? Read the Effective Data Visualisation course agenda here.

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