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Which of Our Training Courses Are Face-to-Face Right Now?

Think zero distractions, a hands-on experience and dedicated time to network with fellow public sector professionals.

Our face-to-face training courses are here to stay. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our upcoming face-to-face training courses for the rest of 2023 and how you can book, you're in the right place.

Read on to view the full list...

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What are the Benefits of Face-to-Face Training Courses?

Virtual courses will always be an important part of our future, but as face-to-face courses reopen, you should know about all the benefits they offer…

1. Hands-on experience

One of the main benefits of our face-to-face courses is the rich hands-on learning experience. Whether you’re taking part in a group exercise, workshop or tutor-led discussion, having hands-on experience means you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the course topic and you’re more likely to remember what you’ve learnt if it’s through physical activity.

2. Greater communication and collaboration opportunities

Information isn’t just understood through speaking and listening, it’s also understood through body language cues and visual expressions. Through face-to-face learning, you’ll understand your trainer and their aims for the course in more detail. In most of our courses, you’ll also receive individual feedback from the trainer to help you improve in the future. Here, you can work alongside other delegates to uncover what you can do to improve and start making changes right away.

3. Connect with other delegates

Other delegates on your course will likely have different job titles and responsibilities in the public sector. This means you can gain a deeper understanding of your industry, and the businesses within it and potentially meet delegates you can make a lasting connection with. You never know, they might be an expert in their field, so go in with open ears and get to know everyone.

Want to find out what training other public sector professionals are taking? Discover the most in-demand training courses for the public sector here.

4. Fewer distractions = more engagement

It’s easy to become distracted at home with notifications buzzing, dogs barking or children running around. You can forget all of that during our face-to-face courses and simply focus on the day and your learning. Our face-to-face courses are jam-packed with interactive workshops and delegate discussions, so you won’t have time to think about your home to-do list or distractions.

Already convinced? Click the button below to view the full list of our upcoming face-to-face training courses:

Upcoming public sector training courses

Where Can You Attend a Face-to-Face Training Course?

Whether you're based down in the south or up north, we run our face-to-face training courses across the UK to give everyone the chance to attend.

Learn more about the locations and upcoming dates for each here.

UMG training course face-to-face locations

Upcoming Face-to-Face Training Courses

Here are our face-to-face training courses that will take place in the last few months of 2023...

September 2023

Advanced Minute Taking (20th Sept - Central London)

Struggling to keep up in meetings and turn your minutes into actionable points for your team? Through writing sessions, gain the confidence to create great meeting notes and turn them into insightful and actionable points with expert feedback from our trainer. 

Learn more about our 'Advanced Minute Taking' course.

October 2023 

Speaking with Impact (19th Oct - Central London)

Not only is this one of our most popular verbal communication courses but it was designed for face-to-face interactions. Run by RADA Trained Communications Consultant, Sandra Miller, you’ll learn how to speak effectively for the public sector through interactive exercises in a supportive environment. You’ll leave the day with the confidence and skills to engage an audience and powerfully use your voice for presentations, senior meetings or addressing your team.

Read the full 'Speaking with Impact' agenda.

Influencing and Negotiating Upwards (4th Oct - Central London)

We know that to make big changes, you need to know how to present convincing cases to senior staff. During this interactive course, you’ll learn the theory and techniques behind influencing and negotiating upwards through collaborative breakout rooms and exercises. Run by former Ambassador and UK Diplomat, Charles Crawford, you’ll leave with the techniques and confidence that will get you and your organisation the best results.

Learn more about this course and secure your place

Book Your Place on a Face-to-Face Training Course

Whether you want to improve the impact of your voice, develop more personal responses to complaints or create more effective briefings and submissions. We’re sure we’ve got something just for you. Click the button below to view all upcoming courses.


Upcoming public sector training courses

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