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  • Popular Online Training Courses for the Public Sector in 2020

    Those who work in the public sector must continually learn and adapt to new processes, policies and ways of working. Understanding ModernGov has become the leading provider for public sector professionals to learn skills that help them succeed personally and professionally. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, we track trends for in-demand public sector skills.

    Our most popular courses show that leadership, writing and communication skills continue to be the most sought after for the public sector. Learn more about them below, enhance your role and continue to grow with our expert insight.

    1. Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace
    2. Excelling in Remote Team Leadership
    3. Developing High-Performing Teams
    4. Effective Report Writing
    5. Effective Responses to Complaints in the Public Sector
    6. Coaching and Mentoring for Managers


    1. Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace

    This one-day virtual course has been designed especially for women in the workplace. It focuses on developing the essential skills needed to create impact and communicate with confidence and credibility. Find out more about trainer Anne Walsh, her transformative toolkit and available dates here.

    2. Excelling in Remote Team Leadership

    This course is more relevant than ever, continuing to be a popular choice for many public sector workers. Professionals are working in increasingly agile ways, pandemic or not. Whether reducing costs, making better use of office space or encouraging a younger workforce, remote working has latent benefits and is clearly viewed as an important step.

    View available dates here.

    3. Developing High-Performing Teams

    To continue to provide excellent services, the public sector needs to be efficient and cultivate an environment where teams can operate at high performance. Ran by Hayley Lewis, an expert in high-performing teams, this energising and practical course will empower you with a range of techniques and ideas to drive success.

    View available dates here.

    4. Effective Report Writing

    Facilitated by communications specialist Sue Calthorpe, this course is designed to help you produce excellent reports for today’s ever-changing workplace. The aim is for you to write quickly, accurately and clearly - for all audiences. The course will also teach you simple techniques you can use the next day to improve your written communications skills.

    Book your place and find a date that works for you here.

    5. Effective Responses to Complaints in the Public Sector

    While you might be working hard to provide the best possible service, there will always be a complaint or two that slips through. Complaints give us insight into potentially pervasive problems. This virtual training course has been specifically designed to help you write more efficiently with empathetic responses that show the reader they’ve been understood and heard.

    View our available dates here.


    6. Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

    As this course was so popular last time, we’ve had to schedule another date for 2020. It seems there’s a lack of mentoring and coaching in the public sector and the changing environment means there’s as much need for improvement and efficiency as in a commercial business.

    Leave with the skills to improve performance within your team and view available dates here.

    Even if the world is on pause because of the coronavirus pandemic, your learning doesn’t have to be. Webinars and virtual conferencing platforms make it possible to continue to develop and grow.

    These are just some of the popular courses you can attend, we have lots more available that will help you prepare for returning to work, manage data compliantly and communicate effectively.


    Find More Beneficial Public Sector Courses

    Your personal development should never be stagnant, that’s why we’re constantly adding new, beneficial courses for public sector workers to take advantage of. We’re excited to add many more popular courses to our agenda. Keep your eyes peeled and check out the full list of our courses below.

    Check Out Our Virtual Courses