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5 Essential Steps for Successful Change Management

There are always changes to be made. No organisation can afford to stand still, especially in times like these.

Everything is turning into a fast-paced environment, so your organisation needs to make sure it can keep up with the rest.

Here's how.

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What is Change Management?

Change management is a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to the desired future state. In our fast-changing world, adapting becomes necessary to ensure your organisation succeeds or even lasts.

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The Facts

Researches show that organisational change initiatives fail more often than they succeed, despite the resources put into them.

Resistance to change is a natural phenomenon and one of the biggest challenges against structured and controlled change management. So, to ensure a smooth transition it is imperative that you have an effective and well-planned communications strategy that considers the impact on employees and equips them with the skills and information they need to understand why the change is necessary.

Managing the process of change is critical to the success of any change programme. Rushed, unplanned change can seriously damage the effectiveness of a department, its activities and reputation.

5 Essential Steps of The Change Management Process

1. Involve your staff

It is imperative to keep your employees in the loop. Ask their opinions and get their input on how the business runs today and what they believe should be changed. A top-down approach doesn’t work.

2. Delegate effectively

Spread the workload by giving your employees tasks that contribute to the end goal and encourage them to solve problems creatively. This will make them feel part of the process and more in control.

3. Be flexible

Don’t lose your focus and remain firm to your goals and see changes implemented fully. Leaving undone tasks can lead to less committed staff. However, make sure you are flexible and ready to change strategies (if necessary).

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4. Address feeling

It is imperative to know what your employees think and how their morale is. Be sure to consider everyone’s ideas and concerns. It will make the acceptance of the change easier as well as maybe bring out issues that management missed.

5. Stay positive

Always show motivation and enthusiasm, whether for the changes themselves or for the employees who implement them. This will help your employees stay focused and dedicated.

4 Quick Tips for Effective Change Management

1. Make sure your message is aligned

When going through change, even if it's positive, you need clear and aligned internal messaging to ensure your staff understand what and how things are going to move forward. 

2. Give your team the opportunity to feedback

Your team are most likely going to have questions and thoughts about what is happening, which is why it's important you give them the opportunity to feedback and express their opinion. Create a safe space for them to discuss with others or senior members to ensure they feel included and 'in the know' about the change.

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3. Pay attention to team behaviour

Any change can cause friction, especially as some employees will deal with change better than others. To make sure you're getting over any roadblocks, make sure that those employees with doubts are put at ease. Some might visibly show their discomfort and confusion through body language, or others might be more vocal. Keep an eye on your team, use regular communication and put your team at ease.

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4. Become a positive role model for change

In times of change, leaders and managers are in the spotlight more than ever. Your team will be looking to you to lead them into this new chapter of change and they'll be watching closely how you react to new situations. Think about your tone and language and how you interact with others during this time - keep it positive! 

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