A Guide to Information Sharing

Information sharing helps organisations deliver more effective services, in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

With more information becoming readily available to organisations, it is essential to have the necessary training and strategies in place to help manage these large volumes of information.

What are the key themes of information sharing?

Information Overload

A local authority, hospital or police hold large quantities of information; from data on waste disposal to records on crime rates. In order to successfully utilise this information it is essential to identify what type of data your organisation wants to maintain and share with other organisations.

An effective information sharing framework can help organisations identify what records to share either internally or externally to improve services.

Alison North, who is our Chair and leading information governance expert will be helping delegates on our Multi-Agency Information Sharing course to identify the most salient data to share with other organisations.

Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is very much the buzz term when it comes to data, especially with the Government’s “New Data Protection Bill” which will transfer GDPR into UK law.

With GDPR coming into force next year it is essential that organisations have a robust data sharing framework in place, which is fully secure and compliant with the latest regulations.

William Long, who is a leading legal expert on GDPR will give delegates the latest information on GDPR and other data protection law.

Multi-Agency Sharing in Action

Multi-agency safeguarding hubs (MASH) were set up 5 years ago to facilitate greater information sharing between organisations to safeguard children. MASH is a perfect example of multi-agency information sharing, which many organisations can learn from.

Christina Cotterell, Assistant Team Manager, Wandsworth Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub will give delegates the necessary insight into information sharing in action.

Achieve Success through Sharing Information

Using modern software and the latest digital technology can help organisations improve how they share information. However using such technology, requires the necessary skills and information governance know-how to ensure it is used in the most effective way.

Dr Max Davie, Clinical Lead, Information Sharing Matters Project and Community Paediatrician, Evelina London Children's Hospital will give delegates the necessary into using software and digital technology to enhance their capability to share data.

Embedding an Information Sharing Culture

Learning the information on data sharing is one thing, but it is having the organisational processes in place which makes information sharing a success. Information sharing isn’t just down on one person to manage, it is essential that all staff are effectively trained to share data, to ensure the smoother delivery of services and full compliance with more stringent data protection laws.

Alison North will be engendering an appreciation of data management within their organisation.

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