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  • What Will I Learn on a Report Writing Training Course?

    A well-written report is a valuable resource whereas a poorly written one can be misinterpreted or ignored altogether. If you want to up your game when it comes to report writing or you want your team to improve, then enrol on a report writing training course.

    At Understanding ModernGov, we have report writing training courses you and your team can attend. They’ll help you to produce engaging reports quickly, accurately and clearly. Here’s what you can learn by attending one.

    The Basics

    Sometimes, fine-tuning the basics of report writing can clear up a lot of the confusion. This is especially the case if you’re new to report writing or need some extra tools to help with structure and style.

    By attending a report writing training course, you’ll be able to understand the reader better and produce a hierarchy of information for different readers. The skills you pick up mean the next time you work on your report, you’ll know what to include for different readers and as you can understand them better, it’ll make your copy much more effective.

    In the long run, this will also speed up the process of writing a report, rather than spending more time than necessary working on the basics.

    Planning Reports

    You’re probably already aware of how much time it can take to plan a report people will actually read. Trying to combine accuracy with speed can be challenging but a report writing course can help make the process easier.

    You’ll discover new planning tools and frameworks you can use in the future. Plus, you’ll also develop techniques to help you define your objectives and identify relevant purpose. After this course, you can use those techniques and tools to plan your report to feature engaging, useful copy.

    By planning your reports more effectively, you can focus on how much value they provide rather than the volume and also make yourself more understood to a wide range of readers.

    Organising Information

    Another challenge with report writing is trying to condense lengthy documents into short summaries and also having that information understood by readers with varying levels of knowledge. A report writing training course helps you to understand how you can best group different types of information without losing any value.

    If you currently struggle to effectively present information or have difficulties deciding on the layout of your work, a course like this can help. Once you pick up these skills, you’ll not only learn the best way to present information but also dive into the world of reading patterns on paper and on-screen to help you with the aesthetics of your reports.

    As an added bonus, you’ll take home some best practice techniques. These takeaways are valuable as they separate the best reports from the worst as there’s a much bigger emphasis on the value of what you write, rather than the volume.

    Writing Your Report

    At a report writing course, you won’t just sit around and soak up all the theoretical information. The great part about it is you can get hands-on, practical experience of writing a persuasive report which is arguably the best way to learn and pick up the skills you’ll remember and action.

    By getting hands-on and reviewing real-life examples, it means in the future you can write more effective reports which will help you to convey information more efficiently. You’ll also become more confident when writing reports by understanding what your readers are looking for and how you can best present this information to them. 

    When you can enhance the impact of your report, it can help you put forward a clear, convincing case for when you publish your next report.

    Although the practical examples involve rewording and reordering, they’re never outdated. The report writing training courses we’ve hosted in the past and those currently in the pipeline always have up-to-date and relevant content. Course materials are also updated regularly so you can work with examples you’re familiar with.

    For those in a more senior position, such as a line manager, a course like this can also benefit you. Although there’s a big focus on writing, it also provides you skills on offering feedback, giving and receiving constructive criticism and objective advice. These are the skills you can then apply back in the workplace.

    Editing Reports

    Producing reports doesn’t end at the writing stage. To sharpen up your copy and offer readers confidence, you need to scrutinise during the editing stage. During this course, the instructor will help you learn the most effective editing techniques you can apply the next day.

    For a better understanding, you won’t edit hypothetical reports. They’re all real-life materials which you can edit and create an effective summary for. 

    Everything you’ll learn on a report writing training course will add great value to future reports you create for your organisation. You won’t leave with just notes either as everything you pick up can be actioned straight away.

    At Understanding ModernGov, we have many courses planned for the year, including one on effective report writing. To find out more about the agenda, what you’ll learn, information about the instructor and how you can book your place, hit the button below.

    Find Out More About the Course

    Although, report writing is just one area in the public sector where you need to make sure your writing skills are effective. If you’re looking to brush up on your writing skills, why not check out a guide we’ve created for that purpose?

    Create More Effective Written Content in the Public Sector

    Report writing, bid writing, taking minutes, briefings - there’s a lot involved when it comes to writing content in the public sector. So, we’ve combined all of this useful information in one easy-to-access guide and added some extra tips on sharpening up on your copy.

    To create effective and engaging content in the public sector that resonates with your audience, click below to get your free copy.