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86 Must-Ask Questions for an Engaging Post-Training Feedback Survey

Feedback is like the secret sauce of successful training programs.

It's the magic ingredient that helps organisations uncover golden insights, fine-tune strategies, and ensure their training initiatives hit the bullseye with their workforce.

The need for detailed feedback often leads to the realisation that traditional surveys might fall short of producing insights. 

But why 86 questions, you may wonder?

You don't need to use all 86 questions in your survey, but we wanted to offer a range to help you gain the most insights out of the feedback you receive. 

Let's get started.

Person using their laptop to conduct a post-training survey

86 Must-Ask Questions for an Engaging Post-Training Feedback Survey

Training Content:

  • Was the training content relevant to your role?
  • Were the learning objectives clear and achievable?
  • Did the training meet your expectations in content delivery?

Training Delivery:

  • How engaging were the training methods?
  • Did the trainer effectively encourage participation?
  • Were the sessions interactive and well-paced?

Training Materials:

  • Were the training materials comprehensive and supportive?
  • Did they aid in understanding the content effectively?
  • What additional materials would have been beneficial?

Trainer Competency:

  • How knowledgeable and approachable was the trainer?
  • Were queries effectively addressed?
  • Would you recommend this trainer for future sessions?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have you noticed improvements in skills or performance post-training?
  • How confident do you feel applying new knowledge/skills?
  • Which areas of the training did you find most beneficial or lacking?

Overall Experience:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied were you with the sessions?
  • What aspects of the training did you find most valuable?
  • Any suggestions for future training improvements?

Organisational Support:

  • Did you receive adequate support during and after training?
  • Were the provided resources sufficient for effective learning?
  • How can the organisation better support training initiatives?

Future Training Needs:

  • What additional topics would you like to see in future sessions?
  • How can the training be adapted to meet your learning preferences?

Training Effectiveness:

  • How well did the training prepare you for handling challenges in your role?
  • Did the training address your specific skill gaps or learning needs?
  • To what extent did the training enhance your understanding of industry trends?

Training Duration and Schedule:

  • Was the training duration adequate for covering the content effectively?
  • Did the timing and scheduling of the training sessions suit your availability and work commitments?
  • Would you prefer shorter, more frequent or longer, intensive sessions in the future?

Group Dynamics and Interaction:

  • How effective was the group collaboration and interaction during the training?
  • Did you find value in sharing experiences with other participants?
  • Were group activities or discussions beneficial for your learning?

Training Accessibility:

  • Were the training materials accessible through various devices or platforms?
  • Was the training accessible for individuals with diverse learning needs (visual, auditory, etc.)?
  • Did the training accommodate different learning styles effectively?

Practical Application:

  • How well did the training equip you to apply new skills/knowledge in real work scenarios?
  • Were practical examples or case studies included to enhance understanding?
  • Did the training incorporate simulations or role-playing exercises for practical application?

Training Evaluation:

  • Were there regular checkpoints or assessments during the training to gauge learning progress?
  • Did you receive constructive feedback on your performance during the training?
  • How effective was the evaluation process in determining your grasp of the training content?

Training Follow-Up:

  • Have you received any follow-up support or resources after the training to reinforce learning?
  • How valuable do you find post-training support for ongoing skill development?
  • Did the organisation encourage or facilitate continued learning post-training?

Training Impact on Team Collaboration:

  • Has the training positively influenced collaboration and teamwork within your department or team?
  • Have you shared the knowledge gained from the training with your colleagues, and what was their response?

Training and Career Development:

  • Do you believe the training has contributed to your professional growth or career advancement?
  • To what extent do you feel the training aligns with your career aspirations within the organisation?

Training and Organisational Goals:

  • How well did the training align with the organisation's overall objectives or mission?
  • In what ways do you think the training could better contribute to the organisation's success?

Training and Employee Engagement:

  • Did the training contribute to a sense of engagement and commitment towards the organisation?
  • How likely are you to recommend similar training programs to your colleagues based on your experience?

Training and Skill Enhancement:

  • Which specific skills did you find most improved after the training?
  • How relevant do you think these enhanced skills are to your current role?

Training Adaptability:

  • Were there opportunities for personalising or tailoring the training to individual needs?
  • How adaptable was the training content to address diverse skill levels among participants?

Training and Confidence Boost:

  • To what extent did the training boost your confidence in handling job-related tasks?
  • Have you noticed a positive impact on your self-efficacy after the training?

Training Retention:

  • How likely will you retain and apply the training content in the long term?
  • Did the training offer strategies or tools to reinforce and retain the learning material?

Training and Work Environment Integration:

  • How seamlessly can you integrate the training content into your daily work routine?
  • Have you faced any challenges in applying the training knowledge within your work environment?

Assessment Tools:

  • Were the assessments or quizzes utilised during the training helpful in reinforcing learning?
  • How would you rate the effectiveness of the post-training evaluation methods?

Resources Utilisation:

  • Did you explore additional resources or recommended readings beyond the provided training materials?
  • How valuable were external resources in complementing the training content?

Networking Opportunities:

  • Were there networking opportunities or interactions with industry professionals during the training?
  • Have these networking connections proven beneficial post-training?

Satisfaction across Modules:

  • Which specific training module did you find the most engaging or impactful?
  • Were there any modules that could be improved or expanded upon?

Training Challenges and Solutions:

  • Did you face any challenges or obstacles during the training sessions?
  • Were these challenges adequately addressed or resolved by the training facilitators?

Workplace Culture Alignment:

Leadership Development:

Training and Time Management:

  • Did the training effectively utilise your time while balancing between theory and practical exercises?
  • Were there any time management strategies or tips discussed during the training?

Training and Feedback Integration:

  • Were there opportunities provided during the training sessions to give feedback or suggestions?
  • How transparent and responsive were the trainers in addressing participant feedback?

Evaluation Methodology:

  • Did the training employ multiple evaluation methods (e.g., surveys, assessments, peer reviews)?
  • Which evaluation method did you find most effective in measuring your progress?

External Impact:

  • Has the training positively influenced your perception of the industry or field?
  • To what extent do you think the training contributes to staying competitive in the industry?

Training Reflection and Application:

  • Have you had the chance to reflect on the training sessions and apply the learnings in your work?
  • How would you rate the application of theoretical knowledge gained during the training to practical work scenarios?

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